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Deep Drawing Products

Lincoln Chemical’s deep drawing products prevent wrinkling and provide good lubrication which permits good metal flow. They are ideal for difficult-to-draw objects such as bathtubs and sinks. Here is a short descriptive list of our heavy-duty products made for deep drawing and other difficult operations:


Heavy Duty Drawing Paste

  • Pigmented

  • Extreme Pressure Fortified


Hydrocarbon Oils With Heavy EP Additives

  • Chlorinated

  • Sulfochlorinated

  • Sulphurized


Water Solubles

  • Hydrocarbon oils with heavy EP Additives

  • Chlorinated

  • Sulfochlorinated

  • Sulphurized


LincDraw products can be found successfully completing these heavy duty operations:


  • Can Drawing

  • Extrusion

  • Wire Drawing

  • Cold Forming

  • Spinning

  • Hydroforming

  • Heading

  • Stainless Steel Sink Drawing

Deep Drawing Compounds
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