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Welding Anti-Spatter

Weld spatter is a frustrating production problem.  It can produce rough welds, create unsightly messes on welded pieces, be difficult and time consuming to clean up, and pose a safety hazard to welders. Our anti-spatter products provide high resistance to weld spatter accumulation while keeping the tip, nozzle & gas diffuser areas free of spatter build up, resulting in better penetration, weld quality, and appearance.


These products will not smoke when used in any type of hot work operation. Our anti-spatters are safe, soap-based, water-soluble, biodegradable spray-on solutions designed to stop weld spatter build up, while working as a degreaser as well as. Lincoln Chemical’s Anti-Spatters remove most process oils, dirt and grime, leaving your parts cleaner. 

Welding Anti-Spatter
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