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A New Generation Of

Pretreatment Solutions

LincBond non-phosphate metal pretreatment is an innovative fourth-generation nano-technology that delivers real results to your bottom line. The unique formulation creates a complex nanostructure on the substrate that dramatically improves corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. LincBond coatings work without the use of phosphates that can be damaging to both your equipment and the environment. Add in ambient temperature operation with lower consumption levels and your operation can begin capturing substantial cost savings. 


Our exclusive Custom Fit process will evaluate your current soil composition, chemistry, and substrates to expertly match the best LincBond metal pretreatment solution for your application. Increased efficiency and product quality with lower costs and environmental concerns. It’s smarter pretreatment with LincBond non-phosphate coatings from Lincoln Chemical. 

Lincoln Lab Test Results

The corrosion resistance of LincBond is compared below to traditional iron phosphate coatings (organic accelerator) with TGIC polyester and hybrid powder paint systems on cold-rolled steel and aluminum substrates. As shown in the table, the inorganic coatings outperformed traditional iron phosphate coatings in film corrosion resistance.

Zirconium Pretreatment

Industry Highlight

L&W Engineering improves productivity with a new powder coating line utilizing Lincoln Chemical's innovative line of alkaline cleaners and LincBond zirconium pretreatment. 

LincBond Conversion Coating - 2% concentration, 80-degree F bath, 30 second contact time.

Traditional Iron Phosphate - 4% concentration, 140-degree F bath, 60 second contact time.

Prepared and tested according to ASTM B-117. According to ASTM D-1654 Method 2.

Efficient Production

Streamline Your Pretreatment with Less Downtime and Increased Production Output

  • Low foaming formula keeps pumps and chemicals running at peak efficiency

  • Shortened contact time of 15-30 seconds for faster processing of parts

  • Cleaner running system reduces incidences of restricted water flow and improper part coverage

  • Less downtime required for sludge removal, unplugging of nozzles, and cleaning of screens

Economical Operation

Realize Considerable Cost Savings by Reducing the Key Drivers of Pretreatment Costs

  • Operates with little to no heat for maximum energy savings

  • Reduces chemical usage by up to 50% and requires no post treatment seal

  • Less sludge and scale build-up lowers maintenance and waste treatment costs

  • Longer lasting performance reduces the frequency of costly tank dumps

Eco-Smart Process

Reduce Your Environmental Impact and Run a Smarter, Greener Operation

  • Phosphate-free formula with no regulated heavy metals

  • Lower acidity level requires less neutralization of waste water

  • Minimizes rinse water overflow, chemical usage, and energy consumption

  • Ambient temperature operation reduces CO2 emissions generated by burning fossil fuels

Effective Results

Achieve Exceptional Finish Quality that Outperforms Competitive Chemistries

  • Superior corrosion resistance compared to traditional iron phosphate coatings

  • Prevents flash rusting and extends salt-spray performance

  • Increases the surface area of the substrate for excellent paint adhesion and coating quality

  • Formulated to work with automated spray washers, high pressure spray wands, and dip or immersion lines

LincBond is a registered trademark of Lincoln Chemical Corporation.

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