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Designed For Your

Toughest Requirements

From stubborn oils and greases to tenacious soils and corrosion, Lincoln Chemical has a solution for your toughest metal cleaning requirements.  We offer a full line of alkaline and neutral pH cleaners for nearly every application.  Our products have been field-tested and proven highly effective in multi-stage systems, agitated immersions, high pressure and steam wand applications, mass finishing equipment, soak tanks, general purpose washers, and solvent replacement systems.


Alkaline Cleaners For Metal


  • Preferred choice in the paint pretreatment industry

  • Effective at removing tough soils with lower product concentrations

  • Tolerant of environments where daily soil levels fluctuate

  • Free-rinsing cleaner that is easy to use and extremely cost effective

  • Ferrous alloy and multi-metal safe formulations

  • Operating Temperature: 140-160º F


Neutral Cleaners For Metal


  • Formulated with surfactants that are designed to “lift” soils off parts

  • Maintains cleaning results without requiring aggressive caustic cleaners

  • Very effective in multi-stage washers

  • Lower operating temperatures and reduced energy costs

  • Easier on the surfaces of washers, pumps and other components

  • Safer to use and less impact on the environment than conventional cleaners

  • Operating Temperature: 90-120º F

Metal Cleaning
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