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Industrial Cleaner Products

Lincoln Chemical offers a wide selection of aqueous and solvent-based industrial degreasers, general purpose and floor cleaner concentrates.  We have an array of products that are uniquely designed so that when used in industrial operations, they will leave surfaces dry, extremely clean, and free of powdery residues or streaks; ready for painting, applying adhesives, or further assembly.  Lincoln Chemical's line of products effectively dissolves and lifts tough oil, grease, and dirt from all washable hard surfaces.


Our GRAS type products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, have a near neutral pH, no fumes (VOC's), and will not irritate normal skin.  Simply by using our GRAS type products, many OSHA compliance issues are satisfied, and those who use it will be pleasantly surprised by its superior performance, yet mild physical characteristics.  These products are environmentally friendly to micro-organisms used for soil remediation and wastewater treatments.


Our custodial type cleaning products are made for surfaces such as walls, floors, counters, restrooms, or other equipment found in most industrial settings.  They can be applied safely using mops, rags, or spray.  These products are perfect for cleaning all water washable surfaces anywhere slippery conditions and poor appearance is of concern.


Lincoln Chemical's floor cleaners are designed to be dispensed and used in floor scrubbers.  They will not harm the scrubber's paint, internal parts, or pumps.  A huge benefits in using Lincoln Chemical's floor cleaners is that while cleaning floors, they do not become notoriously slippery.

Industrial Cleaners
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