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Fin Stamping Lubricants

LincForm 2213 offers an innovative, high-performance chemistry for the HVAC fin stamping industry. LincForm 2213 is a water-based synthetic fluid designed to replace traditional solvent-based lubricants with a formula that is extremely low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unlike petroleum solvent-based products, LincForm 2213 creates a fine hydrophilic film on fin surfaces. 


LincForm 2213 exhibits exceptional lubricity for metal forming processes, allowing more forgiveness when drawing collars out of thinner gauge metal. The superior lubrication properties provide for lower maintenance costs and extended tool life.​

Contains approximately 2-3% VOCs

compared to 90% or more found in

traditional solvent-based lubricants

Machining & Grinding Fluids

Benefits of LincForm 2213


  • Processes coils the same as solvent-based evaporative lubricants

  • Ideal for aluminum fin stamping and safe on most metals

  • Uses existing fin press lube systems (dip tank and pinch rollers)

  • No need for special lube application systems (Fin Pal, Electro Static, etc.)

  • No coil flame-up in the brazing process

  • Wettable fin residue aids in minimizing water blow-off on evaporator coils

  • Better fin die tooling life than solvent-based evaporative lubricants

  • No need to minimize die lubrication to prevent downstream smoke or braze issues

  • Refrigerant compatible

  • Prevents formicary corrosion (alkaline pH)

  • Polar residues stay on fin surface during coil assembly process, keeping lacing table and fixtures clean and dry

  • Can be used in coil shops that do not clean the fabricated coil

  • Has no flash point, greatly reducing handling safety concerns

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