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Mass Finishing Products

Lincoln Chemical’s mass finishing products are either in a liquid or powder form. They are added to water and used during many different types of mass finishing operations.  There are three major purposes for using mass finishing products.


  1. The product forms a soap, which is used to suspend the soils being removed from the surface of the metal parts

  2. The prevention of corrosion, oxidation or discoloration of the metals as they are being processed

  3. The addition of lubricity to the process, making the media and parts move throughout the system


Properly finished products form a cushion between the media and the work piece. This allows a sliding action that reduces wear of the abrasive.  Lincoln Chemical’s LincDeBurr brand of mass finishing products have been specially formulated to enhance the operation. They include acidic products, near neutral and mildly alkaline compounds, alkaline cleaners, acid descalers, and burnishing compounds. These products are effective on a wide range of substrates and finishing media and are suitable for use in any of the mass finishing operations listed below:


  • Vibratory Tub & Bowl

  • DeBurring

  • Burnishing

  • Degreasing

  • Magnetic Pin

  • Barrel

  • Tumbling

  • Ultrasonic

  • Cleaning

  • Corrosion Control

Mass Finishing
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