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Iron Phosphate

Metal Pretreatment

Lincoln Chemical has a full line of metal pretreatment chemicals to fit your iron phosphating needs for liquid paint or powder coating. Our LincPhos metal pretreatment products can be used for iron phosphating in multi-stage spray systems, agitated immersions, high-speed coil lines, or high-pressure steam wands.


Lincoln's LincPhos iron phosphate metal pretreatments are very diverse and well tested. We have products that consist of single accelerators as well as products that contain our unique and proprietary multi-accelerated packages. In many cases, our LincPhos products, when used in conjunction with our LincSeal rinses, have been proven to provide over 1000 hours of salt spray resistance* while still improving both adhesion and corrosion control.


Our LincPhos iron phosphate metal pretreatments consist of products that are specifically designed for systems that run either ferrous metals only or systems that run a combination of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


* (These results were obtained using several ASTM & UL test methods)

Iron Phosphate Pretreatment
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