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Paint Booth Maintenance

Lincoln Chemical’s many programs can help you reduce costs and increase the reliability and efficiency of every component of your paint booths – from painting through sludge disposal.  Our detackification products can assist in eliminating the tackiness of the paint overspray.


Bacterial growth, corrosion, and foaming can be controlled with the help of Lincoln Chemical’s LincBooth and LincPeel product line.  Our complete line of paint booth maintenance products include:


  • Foam Control

  • Flocculant / Floatation Chemicals

  • Dewatering Chemicals

  • Paint Detackification Chemicals

  • Corrosion & Alkalinity Chemicals

  • Paint Booth Cleaners

  • Odor Control Products

  • Peelable Booth Coatings

  • Lubricants

  • Monitoring Equipment

Paint Booth Maintenance
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