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Experience & Leadership

From a Trusted Team

Lincoln Chemical Inc. has been blessed to have the unique ability to respond to the core of our customer’s needs. This is paramount in today’s specialty chemical market.  As others are bought, sold, and managed through financial entities, Lincoln’s growth has been driven from volume expansion. We have grown by providing service and expertise that others can only talk about. We evaluate all facets of the operation from equipment through chemistry. 


We hire only committed experienced representation. Lincoln’s seasoned representation has over 200 years of combined customer field intellectual capital. Our team systematically develops a customized program with an approach focused on maximizing our customer’s process and specific requirements.


Lincoln has the flexibility to respond and mechanisms in place to insure the best innovative solution in the marketplace for any part specification. From a total approach, equipment to chemistry, Lincoln provides peace of mind to all its valued customers. 


John L. Kilian

President, Lincoln Chemical Corporation

Lincoln Chemical
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