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Waste Water Treatment

Industrial waste water treatment is a multi-stage process to renovate dirty or used process water before it reenters another body of water, is applied to the land or is reused.  The goal is to remove all organic particulate, metals, grease and oil, suspended solids, and other pollutants from the industrial spent process waters.  In addition to knowing and understanding the federal regulations, operators must be aware of any guidelines imposed by the state or locality in which their plant operates.  Lincoln Chemical can help industrial waste water operations by supplying various waste water treatment chemicals and knowledge.  A short list of products we provide follows:


  • Coagulants, Flocculants and Dewatering chemicals

  • Metals and suspended solids removal

  • Oil and grease control

  • BOD/COD reduction

  • Defoamers and anti-foamers

Spray Wand Chemicals
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